You’re never to old to learn.

7 Aug


I work in the medical field and my job has so many changes, and updates, that I seek out classes every year so I can keep up. I found this true also with writing. Not that the process changes, just the fact that after many years we forget a lot of the basics that make a story flow across the pages. You need to have the ability to describe everything your character sees, feels and thinks without telling. You want the story to come to life and if you don’t have the proper tools and resources this won’t happen.

The market today is fierce. There are new books uploaded everyday and you want yours to have the cover that pulls a reader closer, and you want the content to grab them in just one paragraph.

Basic writing skills were taught in high school. Well that was many years ago for me and a lot of the basics we don’t use everyday so a refresher courses were needed. I thought I was alone in feeling this way but after polling a lot of other writers I realized that we all take refreshers,

Whether it be in grammar, punctuation or even writing a sex scene we seek out courses that will make us a better story tellers. Make our book the one a reader seeks out because they know we understand our craft and better our ability by staying on top of the basics and any changes that come along.

So at my age I realized it’s never too late to go back to class. So I took myself to the back to school isle and bought myself some new pens, pads of paper and a big cup to hold my endless coffee. I might be the biggest kid in the crayon isle but I’m not too old to learn. My class this fall is writing a steamy sex scene. Something I always wanted to know how to do, but didn’t have the resources until know.

Watch out Fifty Shades of Gray, here comes the little Catholic girl shedding her uniform for some leather and lace, and maybe a hand cuff or to. : )

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